New partnerships, empowering women among SIGA’s plans for ‘uncertain’ 2023

The announcement of new partnerships and the activation of two new branches in the Americas are among Sport Integrity Global Alliance’s (SIGA) plans for 2023.

Its global chief executive officer, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (main image, left), in his year-end review, said 2023 will see the world transform in many ways, with disruptions in culture, technology, science, health, and business.

“Sports will not be an exception,” said de Medeiros.

“Against this backdrop and the general concern about the economy, environment, and world security, SIGA and our global community must maintain the course and work closer than ever.

“We must navigate the uncertainty that 2023 brings with the same strong resolve, pragmatism, and in the same proactive vein as in these past three Covid-19 years,” added de Medeiros in his circular letter that was sent to SIGA’s partners.

Twentytwo13 is SIGA’s sole media partner from Asia.

He said that there were many reasons to be optimistic, adding that SIGA will continue to grow in numbers, representatives, and in its impact, across the globe.

“We have several new SIGA memberships and partnerships to announce in 2023 as we continue to expand globally. SIGA America and SIGA Latin America will be fully operational and will lead the way in sport integrity across the Americas,” said de Medeiros.

He added that SIGA Europe will spearhead the development of the Sport Transparency Index across the continent and set in motion a series of action-oriented thought leadership initiatives.

“The much-awaited SIGA Solutions will be a reality in just a few weeks to serve the global sports industry, governments, and law enforcement agencies with unrivalled knowledge and expertise, and the best-in-class training, education, capacity building, and advisory services.

“This is another crucial step in diversifying SIGA’s income streams and to further strengthen its long-term, self-sustainable development, and independence.”

SIGA Women, a programme targeted at empowering women in sports, will continue to expand its outreach and sound influence, while SIGA Youth Council will continue mobilising the youths of the world and expand its global community.

The 4th SIGA Sport Integrity Week will be held from Sept 4-8, 2023.

Based in Geneva, SIGA is the world’s leading organisation for sport integrity. It is a non-profit organisation aimed at ensuring that sports is governed under the highest standards of integrity so that the values enshrined are protected.

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