Notable footballers, officials to feature in ‘Integrity Match’ next month

Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) Latin America, and Sao Paulo FC will organise the first-ever ‘Integrity Match’ as part of a wider global campaign aimed at promoting sport integrity.

The football match is set to take place at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sept 4.

The “All-Star” game will bring together celebrities from the world of football and other sports, as well as personalities from the various segments of the sports industry, including sponsors, media outlets, and state, federal, and international sporting and governmental authorities.

Palhinha, Zetti, Silas, Cicinho, Grafite, and Ronaldão are among the footballers lined up for this major event. From women’s football, Alline Calandrini, the former Brazilian national team player, and Camila Estefano, the chief executive officer of the social project ‘Em Busca de uma Estrela’ have also confirmed their participation.

Others who will see action include former professional basketball player Kelly Santos, Brazil Sports Minister Ana Moser, and the National Director of Football and Promotion of Women’s Football in Brazil, Sandra Santos.

In a symbolic gesture to emphasise the individual and collective responsibility for integrity and fair play on and off the field, the match will be played without referees.

“An authentic galaxy of stars and charismatic personalities from the entire sports universe coming together for the same cause – in this case, sport integrity – is not a phenomenon we see every day,” said Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA global chief executive officer.

“On behalf of SIGA Latin America and the global universe that SIGA represents, I thank all the people and institutions supporting us, and who will be with us at Morumbi Stadium on Sept 4.

“Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the sports legends who will dazzle us with their magic on the field, as well as our partners and sponsors, not forgetting, of course, all the fans in the stands.

“Everyone is invited to this great celebration of sport’s positive values,” he added.

Sao Paulo FC president Júlio Casares described the match as a great alignment of purpose with SIGA.

“This is due to their (SIGA’s) work in the field of sport integrity and in defence of human rights. These are also our club’s pillars,” Casares added.

Roberto Armelin, the football club’s legal and compliance director, said the ‘Integrity Match’ will demonstrate how natural diversity is, as well as inclusion, and the rejection of all forms of prejudice.

“The conscious attitude of respecting people (all of them), as well as the rules of the game, show that it is possible to change the way an individual thinks and acts. It’s the power of sports and the emotion it embodies that transforms people,” Armelin said.

The ‘Integrity Match’, which will be open to the public, is part of the upcoming Sport Integrity Week 2023 – an annual global initiative organised by SIGA since 2020 to promote integrity across all sports.

This year’s edition will take place between Sept 2 and 9 in various locations worldwide.

Twentytwo13 is SIGA’s sole media partner from Asia.