Perlis BA: Ex-shuttlers free to join association, but must work their way to the top

The debate of associations being run by individuals with no competitive background continues.

Suggestions have been made that former athletes be groomed to take up managerial and administrative positions within these sporting organisations. This is to ensure that the sport is run by those who truly understand it.

Perlis BA president, A’amar Hashim, for one, urged former shuttlers to be a part of his association.

“I agree there should be a grooming process but everyone should start at the bottom,” said A’amar, who was a shuttler with the national body’s academy in Kuala Lumpur, in the 90s.

“In Malaysia, sports bodies are not profit oriented. Most of us are volunteers.”

A’amar said prior to helming Perlis BA, he coached the state players before being elected an executive committee member.

“After gaining the trust of the badminton community in the state, I became the vice-president, and eventually, president. That journey took some 10 years. By virtue of being president of a state BA, I’m part of the BA of Malaysia and also serve as the national body’s tournament committee chairman.

“No one groomed me but there’s always room to improve on that. Also, we have former players playing an active role, like Datuk Rashid Sidek, who is part of BAM’s coaching and training committee, while Wong Choong Hann is the coaching director.”

He said former players can go on to become administrators but they must have the experience.

“The ex-athlete is free to apply for a job, for example, as a general-secretary if the opportunity arises, but he or she must come with the pre-requisite experience. Management and administrative roles are completely different and one cannot simply be ‘parachuted’ into such jobs.

“It will be great to see more former athletes being part of the sports ecosystem.

“I can’t speak on behalf of my colleagues from other states, but at Perlis BA, they are most welcome and we look forward to working closely with them for the benefit of Malaysian badminton,” he added.

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