Podium finish by national athletes at ‘bizarre’ Olympics will bring smiles to faces of weary Malaysians

Millions of taxpayer’s money have been invested in the national athletes taking part in the Olympics that officially opened yesterday.

Malaysians would obviously hunger for a return of investment in the form of medals, including the elusive gold medal.

However, Tokyo 2020 is certainly extraordinary and bizarre. Firstly, it’s being held in 2021, no thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that has crippled the world economy and disrupted the sporting calendar.

Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol, had in his latest column in Malay-language news website Getaran, highlighted that the Malaysian athletes could only compete in 32 out of the 89 sporting events held in 2020. As for this year, the athletes could only compete in 21 events before heading to Tokyo.

“Many athletes were unable to compete in tournaments and this disrupted their preparation, physically and mentally,” Haresh wrote in his column that was published on Thursday.

“The shuttlers, for example, have been eating, training and staying together at Akademi Badminton Malaysia for months due to the strict movement control order. They will once again be ‘locked up’ during their stay in Tokyo and will be quarantined upon their return. It is surely mentally and physically exhausting.”

He added the Olympics would be ‘bizarre’ as it would be one without fans.

“Also, not many seem to be excited with this year’s edition. Perhaps people are already stressed out with the gloomy economy, political instability, and the never-ending battle with Covid-19.

“However, achievements recorded by our national athletes will surely put a smile on the faces of Malaysians – albeit temporarily.”

To read the full article, visit www.getaran.my.

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