Quench your thirst with F&N drinks at Fight For Change 2019

Zahid Doi, Graig Nunis and Engku Isyamuddin Tuan Losin

F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd has always been a keen supporter of sports and the media in the country.

Its 100PLUS brand is synonymous with sporting events in Malaysia, particularly junior tournaments where it sponsors badminton and football leagues among others.

It is for this reason the company has come forward to sponsor drinks for this Saturday’s Fight For Change 2019 at Cobra Rugby Club in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Fight For Change 2019 is co-organised by Twentytwo13 and the Malaysia Mixed Martial Arts Association (MASMMAA) and supported by the National Press Club of Malaysia (NPC).

The charity event is to change the way people view mixed martial arts (MMA) and to champion the welfare of journalists in Malaysia. Proceeds, including sales of the drinks sponsored by F&N, will be channelled to NPC’s Journalist Welfare Fund and MASMMAA’s youth development fund.

Fight For Change 2019 will see Haresh Deol, co-founder and editor of Twentytwo13, take on professional fighter Shareh ‘The Jeneral’ Nasrullah in an MMA fight.

“F&N and 100PLUS have always been keen supporters of sports. We also have a good relationship with the media,” said its sponsorship and activation manager Engku Isyamuddin Tuan Losin.

“What better way to help promote MMA to the youth by helping people change the way they view the sport than by showing them how safe it can be.

“Most of us only see the ‘professional fights’ on TV which I admit can be quite physical but for amateur and youth, the fights are not as demanding.

“I, too, hope to learn more about the junior and amateur styles.”

Isyamuddin, who was joined by special events executive Zahid Doi during the sponsorship ceremony, also said he feels for journalists who have lost their jobs in recent times.

“I have many friends in the industry and they tell me times are tough. This is a great initiative and we try to help where we can.

“I wish Haresh all the best in his fight and hopefully more people understand what he is trying to achieve.”

Fight for Change 2019

This is the second year the company has come in to support an event by Twentytwo13.

Last year, it supported Twentytwo13‘s Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk 5km Fun Run.

Main image: Twentytwo13’s executive editor Graig Nunis flanked by (left) Zahid and Isyamuddin during the sponsorship ceremony.