Re-elected SIGA global CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros eyes Asia expansion

Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) wants to expand to Asia.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, who was unanimously re-elected for a second term (2022-2026) as global chief executive officer (CEO) following Sport Integrity Global Alliance’s (SIGA) council meeting yesterday, spoke about expansion plans and the worldwide adoption of the Alliance’s values.

“SIGA has been my life since February 2014, when the idea of setting up a global coalition first sparked in my brain,” said Macedo de Medeiros.

“I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and how far SIGA has come.

“But I did not run for re-election focused on the past and the many, remarkable achievements we have made. I ran for re-election with eyes on the future and what we can, and will, achieve over the next four years.”

The lawyer turned experienced sports administrator lined up several priorities for his second term. They include:

  • expansion of SIGA’s membership and footprint
  • plans to set up a new continental structure in Asia this year.
  • adoption by sports organisations of SIGA’s Universal Standards on Sport Integrity, with more organisations committing to the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS).

Geneva-based SIGA is the world’s largest independent and neutral multi-stakeholder coalition in sports governance and integrity.

Twentytwo13 is SIGA’s permanent media partner.

“All of us know the challenges and what we need to do. We must be decisive in our actions and unflinching in our resolve,” said Macedo de Medeiros.

“We have the strength, the knowledge, and the capacity, as a worldwide coalition of like-minded organisations and individuals, to realise this mission.

“The millions of people who love sports want genuine changes, and they recognise the necessity and the benefit of an organisation like ours.

“They expect us to lead by example and work to the best of our ability to meet the crucial challenges ahead.

“I am ready to get the job done.”

SIGA chairman, Franco Frattini, hailed the exceptional achievements and tremendous amount of work during the first term.

“It is truly amazing to look back and contemplate how far SIGA has come since its inception. The tremendous level of recognition, representativeness and respect it currently enjoys within the global sports industry and beyond,” said Frattini, a former Italian minister who also served as a European Union commissioner.

“For SIGA to continue to progress and meet the growing challenges ahead, SIGA needs him (Macedo de Medeiros) as global CEO.”