Rider Helmet Pink wants team members to secure future beyond racing

YouTube star, influencer, brand ambassador, racer and now a team manager.

Nur Atikah Azwar has accomplished much in such a short time and now the 25-year-old is among the few women to venture into management with the launch of TuneBoss-Pink Racing Team on Sunday.

But it is more than just racing as Atikah, better known as ‘Rider Helmet Pink’, wants to give her three riders – Siti Norafizah Muhamad, 26, Harith Farhan Baharin, 22, and Siti Norsyafiyah Alia Saarizan, 17, – something to fall back on when they retire from racing.

Siti Norafizah and Harith will compete in the CP125 Class while Siti Norsyafiyah will race in the Wira Class in the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship which begins this weekend.

“I am excited to be the youngest team owner-cum-manager for this season’s Cub Prix Championship,” said Atikah, who raced in the ProAm Class last year.

“My goal, besides promoting riders, is to groom them to become brand ambassadors or influencers so those in Pink RacingTeam will have a future once their racing careers are over.

“I have some experience in that field and I hope to pass on my knowledge to my team members.”

Many riders have failed to take advantage of their popularity to bring in extra income. Atikah does not want this to happen to her riders.

She said when there are no races, the riders and mechanics attend classes for mental training, public speaking and answering questions from the media, especially when they are in front of a camera.

“The team has a trainer to help us with this and I, too, can give some pointers,” said Atikah, who is a brand ambassador for several companies.

“They will be taught how to handle themselves in front of a television crew – where to stand, how to answer questions, how to behave.”

She said the riders will also be taught to handle their social media accounts so they can engage with their fans.

“Most importantly, we will have English lessons. This is because we want to compete in the Asia Road Racing Championship in the future.

“I do not want my team members to give mundane answers. They need to create their own identity … to stand out and attract sponsors.”

She said she would skip this year’s Cub Prix Championship and is considering racing in the Malaysian Superbike Championship (MSBK).

“I have yet to decide as the team will also compete in MSBK and drag racing events,” said Atikah.

“It might be too much … racing and managing a team.”