SIGA chief Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros now part of B20 Brazil, European Commission

Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) chief executive officer and chairman, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros will now play key roles in the Business 20 (B20) Brazil and European Commission, further expanding SIGA’s influence in promoting integrity and transparency in sports.

Having been named as a member of the B20 Brazil Integrity and Compliance task force, this will mark de Medeiros’s fourth consecutive year of being involved with the B20 – part of the G20 Summit – meant for the international business community.

The task force actively engages in discussions related to anti-corruption measures, ethical business practices, compliance with regulations, and the promotion of corporate governance that ensures accountability and ethical behaviour within organisations, with the goal of upholding the highest standards of business ethics and conduct.

For the record, de Medeiros was involved in the same task force in 2021 (in Italy), and 2022 (Indonesia). At the B20 in India last year, he served as a member of the Inclusive Global Value Chains for Resilient Global Trade and Investment task force.

SIGA’s influence will also extend to the European Union, as de Medeiros has been invited by the European Commission Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union to serve as a designated representative.

In this role, he will contribute insights on Financial Integrity in Sport to the Supra-National Risk Assessment (SNRA) process, which aims to evaluate and mitigate risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing within the European Union.

The involvement in the SNRA underscores SIGA’s commitment in combating financial crimes, and is fully aligned with the objectives and implications of the provisional agreement by the European Council and European Parliament on Anti-Money Laundering – the new legal framework that will force a shift in the way the football industry operates, as professional clubs and agents will be obliged to engage in stricter financial scrutiny to ensure more transparency in transactions and ownership structures, among a range of other impactful implications.

“I accept these nominations with a high sense of responsibility,” said de Medeiros.

“I welcome the recognition of SIGA’s vital role and its credentials as an independent driving force for greater integrity in the field of sport. We have been waiting, for decades now, to see global leadership, robust legislative action, and the courage that is needed to free global sport, society, and the economy from criminal and unscrupulous influence.

“I am delighted to assert my commitment to succeeding in these roles that stand in direct correlation with SIGA’s overarching mission, vision, and our shared sport integrity goals,” he added.

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