SIGA Youth Council gives youth chance to make a difference in sport

The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) Youth Council provides young sport enthusiasts with the opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard.

Its member, Tomas Medeiros, said he joined the council as he wanted his voice, and concerns regarding sport integrity, to be acknowledged and addressed.

“I wanted to give my insights on sport, and to prevent sport from becoming ugly and unfair,” said Medeiros.

“When I joined the Youth Council, I joined a group of diverse people, young leaders from all over the world … separated by many miles, but united in a single common goal, (to uphold) sport integrity.”

Medeiros felt youths play a pivotal role in promoting integrity in sport.

“Without integrity, there will be no future for sport. We are not beholden to anyone. We can do, and decide whatever we want for our beloved sport. Where we take our sport in the future, is entirely up to us.

“We, the youth, have the power to decide what the future brings us… It’s our future. We have an important role and we have to fight for sport, and for sports integrity.”

Another SIGA Youth Council member, Andelija Milovanovic, weighed in on the importance of joining the world body.

SIGA Youth Council members Medeiros (left) and Milovanovic.

“Youngsters have the knowledge, thoughts, and ideas, and they need support to turn these ideas into an action plan,” said Milovanovic.

“With all the great talents working in SIGA, young people will be able to make changes in sport.”

SIGA opened applications on Monday for the new Youth Council, encouraging those aged 18-29 to join the Geneva-based body.

The new council members will serve an 18-month term, during which they will be presented with the opportunity to establish long-lasting and invaluable networks with current, and future sport leaders, worldwide.

SIGA global chief executive officer Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros invited aspiring leaders in sport to be a part of the global movement to reform the industry.

“If I had one message for all the young people aspiring to be changemakers in sport, or planning their career trajectories to the highest echelons, I would say this; ‘Join the SIGA Youth Council’,” said de Medeiros.

“This is your opportunity to take a leadership role and help shape the future of sport, in the way that you envision it – hand in glove with the world’s largest coalition in the field of sport governance and integrity.”

João Paulo Almeida, the head of the National Olympic Committee in Portugal, echoed similar sentiments.

“Sport is eager for fresh blood and forward-thinking talents,” said Almeida.

“It’s time that your voices be heard… Submit your application to the SIGA Youth Council.”

Twentytwo13 is SIGA’s permanent media partner.