Special Olympics athletes get a taste of golf

Special Olympics Malaysia collaborated with MST Golf Academy for the very first time, to organise an introductory golf session for 11 Special
Olympics athletes.

The ‘discovery and experience’ session was held on Nov 17 at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) driving range, involving athletes aged between 11 and 34.

Before hitting balls at the range, the special athletes underwent screening tests to assess balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and stability. The tests helped coaches to better understand the athletes’ abilities before teaching them golf swings.

Six volunteer coaches from MST Golf Academy guided the athletes on how to hold golf clubs and took them through the basic swings.

The coaches provided constant encouragement and affirmation, creating a supportive environment for the athletes to learn, and for the first time as well, to try and hit the golf balls.

“It was wonderful to see the curiosity and excitement from the athletes today,” said Aaron Ng, manager of The Golf Lab & Teaching Professionals.

“This introductory session allowed them to experience golf in a fun, stress-free way. We look forward to conducting more such sessions, and to continue creating awareness of the sport among Special Olympics athletes.”

Special Olympics Malaysia national director Jacque Kok was thankful to MST Golf for making this event possible.

“Our athletes were able to explore their potential in golf and we may have unearthed some hidden talents. This collaboration aligns with our mission to provide opportunities for athletes to discover and develop their abilities.”

MST Golf has been a supporter of Special Olympics athletes, and was one of the sponsors of the 22 Special Olympics Malaysia athletes competing at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, in June.

“We look forward to more partnerships that promote inclusion and allow more individuals to experience the game of golf,” said Ng Yap, MST Golf Group chief executive officer.

Based on the positive response, MST Golf and Special Olympics Malaysia plan to conduct more trial sessions for the athletes over the next few months. The goal is to nurture their interest and allow those keen to pursue golf, to receive further training and potentially compete in the 2027 Special Olympics World Games in Perth, Australia.

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