Speedster Leona Chin eager to give women racers a chance to shine

Leona Chin

Leona Chin has won countless races and awards, but the fire to continue driving burns deep.

She has many dreams to fulfil, and while she has not raced as often as she likes due to financial constraints following the Covid-19 pandemic, the 36-year-old has two events next month.

“I have a go-kart competition in Slovakia for the SODI World Series in early July. I will represent Malaysia in the women’s category,” said Chin.

“There is a men’s competition, and Malaysia is sending a representative too.

After her race in Slovakia, Chin will return to Malaysia, rest for a day and then head to Mongolia for an e-Sport event.

“I will race in a simulator,” said Chin, winner of the 2019 SIC Motorsports Association of Malaysia’s Most Inspiring Female Motorsports Athlete.

“I want to continue racing in big events, but sponsorship is hard to come by. I have not given up hope, as I know I can still challenge for the podium.”

While waiting for an opportunity to get back on track, Chin, a social media influencer, gives back to motorsports by unearthing new female talent.

Last year, she partnered with Morac Go Kart Track 1 Utama to organise the women’s only ‘The Pink Stuff SODI Ladies Cup’ go-kart championship.

There were five categories – Expert, Novice A, Novice B, Media, and ‘realme celebrity’. There were three rounds of races, with the finale in December.

“I hope to continue this event later this year, but once again, it depends on sponsors,” said Chin.

“I love organising events and trying to find new talent as I know there are many talented female drivers in Malaysia.

“Before that happens, I now have a new challenge.”

Chin has been tasked to find four female drivers for a team to participate in this year’s Asian Endurance Series Karting Championship.

Unlike her event last year, which was more individualistic, she must find four drivers who can work together.

“As it is a team event, I need to find four ladies who are fast, determined, talented and can work together,” said Chin.

“The good news is that we already have more than 10 interested drivers. We will have a practice session (today), and the sponsors will decide on the final four.

“My role is to inspire the drivers and give them tips on racing. We do not have much time, as the first race is next weekend!”

There are five rounds for the Asian Endurance Series Karting Championship – June 24, July 22, Aug 26, Sept 23 and Oct 14.

Chin is confident she and her partners can get the team ready for the flag off next weekend.


Last week, the room air-conditioner was on the brink, but thankfully, we fixed it temporarily. There is a leak, but the guys who serviced it could not locate it.

They said if it starts getting warm after a couple of weeks, we might have to get a new unit.

This week, it was the car’s aircon that blew hot air. Luckily, I have a fan I plugged into the USB of the car FM modulator – which I use to charge the phone and play music instead of listening to the radio.

I had the modulator for over eight years, and recently, my cousin told me it has built-in Bluetooth, meaning I can connect my phone to it.

It means I can now use Waze, YouTube, and Spotify and answer phone calls over the car speaker.

I will visit the mechanic this weekend to look at the aircon and hope it will not cost an arm and a leg.

To add to my woes, the laptop I have been using since 2017 is acting up. It keeps asking for updates, which takes forever!

I have been using my daughter’s laptop for the past three days!


Last month, the home minister and I competed in a 10km run for Mother’s Day. We will do the same for Father’s Day tomorrow.

These runs – and a few more to come – are warm-ups for the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon 10km run on Sept 30.

I will be running for Reef Check Malaysia (RCM), and if you want to help me raise funds for the organisation, you can donate here.


The Selangor government’s Standing Committee for Young Generation Development, Sports and Human Capital Development is organising a mega job fair from today until tomorrow.

If you are looking for a job, head to MBSA Convention Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor.


Regular crabs that have outgrown their shells are known as soft-shell crabs.  They generate new shells as they grow by shedding their old ones.

The process of moulting is what makes soft-shell crabs so delicious. A fresh shell does not solidify for a few days, so that is the best time to catch them.

Try this recipe if you like eating crabs but hate the hassle.


To end this week’s Diary, here is a funny little ditty from John Prine, who became the newest member of the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame earlier this week.

Joining him is country superstar Trisha Yearwood. The ACL Hall of Fame ceremony is on Oct 23.

Until next week, happy Father’s Day and stay safe.


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