Stomach bug will not stop Muhaizar

Good day everyone.

I am now deep into my training cycle for the Berlin Marathon (Sept 16) and at this stage, my body is probably fitter than it has ever been.

I’ve returned to Cameron Highlands after being in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days to attend to some personal matters but I managed to get back into the swing of things pretty quickly.

Last week’s training, however, was hampered by some stomach problems. I had to cut short a few repeats on one of the sessions to allow my body time to recover.

Training plan

The couple of days in KL and my stomach issues resulted in a lower mileage this week, which is definitely not ideal.

Although I struggled to complete this week’s training, I maintain a positive overlook. In planning your training, one must consider and account for the possibility of setbacks in completing some sessions.

On the other hand, what I managed to do was to keep my runs at an easy pace and try to maintain my fitness level.

While it is unfortunate I fell ill, I reassure myself that one’s final marathon performance is determined by the quality of the cumulative sessions you have completed.

Dreaming of Germany

Overall I am satisfied with my efforts in giving the best I could despite the circumstances and raring to start another week of grinding towards my final marathon form.

I leave for Germany on Saturday and will have about a week to acclimatise before I attempt to break the national marathon record.

Wish me luck!

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