Subramaniam hopes to play in KL-Kuching clash

The Kuala Lumpur FA-Kuching City FA clash – the final Premier League match of the season – may only be played in November.

This is after the government imposed the Conditional Movement Control Order on Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya from Oct 14-27.

The match is scheduled on Oct 31 but Kuala Lumpur Football Association wrote to Malaysian Football League on Tuesday requesting that the match be played next month.

This is because the host is unsure if the CMCO will be extended or if the Sarawak team will be able to play in the city.

If the match is on Oct 31, the city squad will only have four days to prepare as no team sporting activities and tournaments can be held during the CMCO.

The long wait has got one Kuala Lumpur player rather frustrated.

S. Subramaniam has been itching to see action since the start of the season but he has only been warming the bench.

“All I hope for is to play one game, just one game. That will allow the coaches to see what I have to offer,” said Subramaniam.

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the M-League this year as Premier League teams only play 11 matches.

“We have played 10 games and I didn’t at all. I feel a little awkward and unhappy but that’s part of the game.”

Although frustrated, Subramaniam is not blaming anyone.

“We have limited games and I can’t blame the coach. We are left with the final match of the season so there’s no point complaining.

“I’m training and am already planning for the next season. I’m not sure if Kuala Lumpur will still require my services but I’d be happy to stay. I’m planning to see more action next year,” said Subramaniam who turned 35 on Aug 31.

Kuala Lumpur will play in the Super League next year.

The former international admitted the limited number of matches will disrupt the performances of footballers if they brace for a packed schedule next year.

“I thought the Malaysia Cup would go on as usual but with the knockout system, it would mean fewer matches.

“So if a team plays 11 league matches and one cup game only to get knocked out, that’s just 12 matches. That’s not really healthy for the players.

“If the league goes on as usual, that’s 22 games next year. Also the national team will play some matches, so the fitness and strength will be really tested.”

Subramaniam added that since the national team would not see any action till the end of the year, it would only be logical to prolong the Malaysia Cup to ensure footballers get to play more matches.

The Malaysia Cup, which was initially scheduled to begin on Oct 25, will now start on Nov 6.

If the CMCO is extended, it would further impact the Malaysia Cup fixtures.