‘Teach young about MMA, help journos along the way’

Fahim Noh

When Muhamad Fahim Noh was asked to be part of Fight For Change 2019, the seasoned mixed martial artist and professional fighter quickly said yes.

Fahim, who coaches at Lekir Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts Academy, was approached by the academy’s owner Muhd Munzir Mustapha to help coach and be the corner man for Twentytwo13‘s co-founder Haresh Deol for the main fight of the Nov 23 event.

There will be several fights before Haresh faces off professional fighter Shareh ‘The Jeneral’ Nasrullah.

Fight For Change 2019, to be held at the Cobra Club in Petaling Jaya, is to promote mixed martial arts (MMA) especially among youths and to fight for the welfare of journalists. It is co-organised by Twentytwo13 and the Malaysia Mixed Martial Arts Association (MASMMAA) and supported by the National Press Club of Malaysia (NPC).

Proceeds raised will be channeled to MASMMAA’s youth development programme and NPC’s Journalist Welfare Fund. Haresh, a journalist, is the NPC deputy president.

“I see Haresh as someone who wants to know about life as a fighter. I also see him as someone who is eager to beat his weaknesses,” said Fahim.

“Haresh has good intentions as this is not only about MMA but also to raise awareness about the welfare of media personnel in the country.”

Fahim was quick to add that Fight For Change 2019 is not about any individual or about violence.

“It’s about promoting several causes for society at large.”

Fight for Change 2019

Fahim, who also coaches at Strive MMA & Fitness in Putrajaya, added MMA is just like any other martial arts or sport as it requires discipline, mental strengthen and helps towards self-development.

“When you train and fight, you will be in a pressure cooker situation. You will learn how to deal with it. It’s not only good for the sport but will provide valuable life lessons.”

Fahim echoed MASMMAA president Rashid Salleh’s sentiments that MMA should be in schools. Taekwondo, karate and silat are some of the martial arts already taught in schools.

“It’s helpful for children, to keep them active and for them to learn about multi-tasking. It helps them to work on how to overcome a challenge quickly.”

“Perhaps many people still don’t understand MMA but it teaches you a lot about life, about controlling a situation,” he added.

Fahim recently introduced the sport to students at SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1) and SMK Putrajaya Presint 9 (1).

Tickets for Fight For Change 2019 are priced at RM50 each. To purchase tickets or to sponsor the event, send us an email at: editor@twentytwo13.my.