There’s no gender limit in futsal, football

Steffi Sarge Kaur has pretty much played every sport there is – and she’s quite good at most of them.

Hailing from Taiping, Perak, Steffi has gone on to represent Malaysia in futsal and footgolf.

And she has her parents to thank for being supportive in her sporting activities throughout her life.

“I’m lucky because both my parents are athletes so they understand the journey. When I first got involved in sports, they encouraged me to play and attend almost every training session and match,” said Steffi.

“If you don’t get such support, it’s very hard … especially if your parents don’t understand what you’re doing.

“As for futsal and football, there’s no gender limit.”

Besides playing futsal and footgolf, Steffi is an avid cyclist and has also taken up martial arts to keep herself in shape.

Named after iconic tennis player Steffi Graf, she however has yet to master tennis.

In fact, her first proper tennis session was over the weekend, said Steffi in the latest episode of The RSS with HD.

“It’s important for children to play as many sports as possible and to get them started from young … when they start school in Standard One, Two or Three.

“Those are important years and when you are young, you are eager to do everything. When I coach young girls, they don’t want to train, they just want to have fun and play. So it’s important for (teachers) coaches to have fun and encourage them to play.”

She said it’s best for children to try sports out and choose what they love to play.

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