‘This is our year’

Let the banter begin … for the wait is finally over.

The English Premier League kicks off (3am Malaysian time) with Farke and Pukki attempting to stop Liverpool from getting off (to a flyer).

The six-time European champion hosts newly promoted Norwich which has a trio who could make our local commentators blush – Daniel Farke (manager), Alexander Tettey (midfielder) and most gloriously, Teemu Pukki (striker).

Sadly, Tettey is feeling sore … and will be under wraps for this match. What a pity!

Liverpool will no doubt be looking to ‘nip’ in front of the other title contenders by collecting all three points tomorrow morning.

It is 30 years since the club last won England’s top-flight crown (1990) and it once again finds itself the butt of jokes from envious rival supporters despite ‘conquering all of Europe’ just 10 weeks ago.

It is kind of strange when you think of it.

You see, the Reds’ title drought is nothing compared to what the other ‘top clubs’ had to endure.

For instance, Tottenham’s wait enters its 59th year as its last league crown was in 1961.

Chelsea waited 50 years (1955 until 2005) before regaining the title while Manchester City endured a 44-year gap (1968 until 2012).

Manchester United, meanwhile, went 41 years (1911 to 1952) without being crowned champion of England.

The other member of the so-called ‘big-six’ Arsenal, fares the best with two 18-year waits (1953 to 1971 and 1971 to 1989) before tasting victory.

Yet all Liverpool fans hear is YNWA – You’ll Never Win Again/Anything … which is a play of words for its spine-tingling anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

As you can guess, I’m a Liverpool fan.

In general, I like the banter although many Manchester United friends can be spiteful – you know who you are.

To be fair, every team has its fair share of idiots – ones who can’t stop talking about or making fun of rival clubs.

Those are the ones I can’t stand. Good old fashion joshing and taking the mickey is good but when it gets personal and bitter, that’s when it’s best to disengage.

As the saying goes, ‘it’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s impossible to do so with an idiot’ (a bit like our political supporters, lah).

As for this season, after coming close in May, fingers crossed, it will be ‘Liverpool’s year’.

Meanwhile, Astro which will show all 380 EPL matches, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to offer some great prizes.

Under the ‘Kickstart Your Football Dreams’ campaign, Coca-Cola Malaysia will give away 5,000 one-month Astro Sports Pack passes to lucky participants, among other prizes.

At the end of the three-month campaign, six grand prize winners will gain the ultimate fan-experience – a trip to watch their favourite Premier League team live.

To learn more, log on to Coca-cola’s website.