Threatening media, racism in football should be given the boot

Don’t threaten the media with legal suits. Just sue if what is published, posted or aired is defamatory.

Also, racist fans should not be allowed anywhere near sporting venues.

In his column with news website Getaran this week, Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol highlighted two incidents in recent days.

Last week, a football writer posted on his Facebook page that an athlete had threatened to sue the media over ‘negative’ articles.

Last Saturday, Selangor FC’s Ifedayo Olusegun was jeered by fans outside the Kuala Lumpur Stadium in Cheras. They called him ‘monkey’ during the team’s match against Kuala Lumpur United FC in the Caring Cup.

Haresh wrote that people had a legal right and are free to sue if they believe they have been defamed. He also said that such threats should not perturb media practitioners from reporting based on facts.

He also said the incident involving Olusegun was ironic as the footballer was playing for the Caring Cup and yet some fans didn’t care for his feelings and don’t seem to be concerned over the issue of racism.

“Let’s not allow the handful of uneducated and shallow fans spoil the name of Malaysian supporters,” Haresh wrote.

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