Toothless Liverpool on course to be worst defending champion in Premier League era

Jurgen Klopp will go down in the history books as Liverpool’s manager with the best winning and worst losing streaks at Anfield.

Under him, Liverpool went a club record 68 matches unbeaten at Anfield but early this morning, it suffered its fifth consecutive defeat at home – all in 2021.

Never before in the club’s proud history has it suffered more than four consecutive losses.

Liverpool’s inability to win at ‘fortress’ Anfield could see it become the worst defending champion in the Premier League era when it comes to a drop in points.

It has only collected 43 points from 27 matches for an average of 1.59 points per game.

If this continues, it could end the season on 60 points, a drop of 39 points from its title-winning season.

Chelsea (2015/16) and Leicester (2016/17) are the worst defending champions in this regard, having had a deficit of 37 points a season after winning the title.

Chelsea had 87 points in 2014/15 and only 50 the following season. Leicester won 81 points in 2015/16 but only 44 after that.

In terms of league position a year after winning the title, Leicester has the worst record after finishing 12th in 2016/17.

Rounding up the top five are Chelsea which was 10th in 2015/16; Blackburn (1995/96) and Manchester United (2013/14) seventh; and Chelsea once again in 2017/18 when it finished fifth.

Liverpool is seventh at present and hosts Fulham on Sunday (10pm). The Reds hope to finally get a home win this year.

The club has had an injury-ravaged season which has seen it field an astonishing 19th different centreback pairing this season.

Can Liverpool rebuild ‘fortress’ Anfield? Time will tell.

For the record, the worst defence of an English top-flight title belongs to Manchester City which was relegated in 1937/38 despite being top scorers of the old First Division.

City remains the only club in history to be English champions one season and relegated the following.

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