WISE AI’s new software promises seamless integration


Most Malaysians usually associate facial recognition technology with countries such as China, the United Kingdom or the United States.

But there is a leading facial recognition company right at our doorstep and it is going a step further to ensure its partners can ‘plug and play’ its programs and technology.

Promising a hassle-free integration of systems, WISE AI’s soon to be launched ‘Software Development Kit’ (SDK) is set to be a game changer by making it easier for a company to use its facial recognition programs.

“Our team has been working hard to develop the SDK which makes it easier for our partners to use our technology as it will read and integrate any system to make it compatible with our platforms,” said WISE AI co-founder and business director Justin Goh.

“Our partners could probably be able to do this for themselves but it would take them some time. We wanted to shorten the process and make it easy for them.

“Anyone using our platform can just ‘plug and play’ – install and start using it right away. When we make it easier for our partners and future clients, we can be a step ahead of any competitor.”

Goh said WISE AI’s partners would be able to use the SDK for as long as they are with the company.

“With the SDK they can immediately use the software any place, anywhere, any time.”

He explained the SDK would make it easier for WISE AI’s partners to capture images and send them to the relevant servers.

“When it comes to facial recognition, speed is of the essence. That is one reason for the SDK. There is no time to waste,” said Goh.

“Everything will be done automatically, from snapping a photograph to sending to the servers for recognition.”


With SDK, all of them can easily access the information – even for a company which is using a mobile application.

One partner – Global Line Network (GLN) – has state-of-the-art mobile application solution which uses WISE AI technology to automate some daily tasks of a retail assistant, thus removing some operational hassles.

The current manual process of a sales submission requires retail assistants to attach the sales invoices and fill up forms which can result in human error.

But with the GLN channel management mobile application, everything is easy and processed automatically, leaving no margin for error.

Goh added the SDK will soon make it even easier for GLN to use WISE AI’s services.

WISE AI’s core business includes face detection technology, face attribute estimation, face image retrieval, face comparison technology and detection of key facial attributes.

Solution providers who would like more information can contact Sebrina Heng at sebrinaheng@wiseai.tech while those who would like to know more about eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) can contact Woody Tan at woody@wiseai.tech.

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