Kawasanku provides latest info on your locality, state

Want to know more about public services, economic status and the density level in your locality?

Head to Kawasanku – a one-stop online centre, which features data and information that could also come in handy with the general election on the horizon.

An initiative of the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Kawasanku, is intended to give the public, policymakers, and the international community, access to learn more about Malaysia.

“In time, Kawasanku will also include statistics about road accidents, the crime rate, and the facilities in the various localities,” said Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidin.

“We also plan to include meteorological data,” he added.

“We worked with several government agencies and ministries to gather the information. The data is available on several websites, but now, we have collated them in one place.”

He said it was important to make the statistics available so that the people and policymakers can better understand the needs of their locality.

“Previously, the data was released either at the national, or state level. Many did not take much interest as it ‘did not affect them directly’.

“Now, we are zooming in on the district and locality, to make it more personal,” said Uzir.

“We have also divided the statistics into Parliamentary Constituency, and State Legislative Assembly.

“It will help policymakers know the issues on the ground, so they can make informed decisions about policy matters, and decide on funding allocation.”

He hoped the statistics would help educate the people so that they do not rely on “coffee shop talk”.

“The dashboard has important facts and numbers related to the economy, social standing, education, and everything in between.

“We want to educate the people so they can have discussions with substance.”

Also included in the dashboard is information on the average price of 15 selected vegetables and meats from 2020 and 2021.

Uzir said his department is working on including the 2022 price list, soon.