SIGA, Benfica Foundation join forces to uphold sport integrity

Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and Benfica Foundation, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at promoting greater integrity, sustainability and social responsibility in sports, and the wider industry.

Benfica Foundation executive president Carlos Moia said SIGA’s core principles and values are a natural fit for all the foundation’s projects.

“When we talk about fair-play and gender equality, we can say that we fit into SIGA’s vision,” said Moia.

“We will collaborate on sustainability, training, transparency and other issues that have been at the heart of the foundation’s actions since its inception, 13 years ago.

“The Benfica Foundation will not only bring knowledge to Portugal, but will also play its role in Portuguese-speaking countries.”

Moia said this after the signing ceremony held in Lisbon between himself, and SIGA’s global chief executive officer, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. The MoU sets out both organisations’ core areas of cooperation and common objectives, as well as the shared priorities that they will work on over the next three years.

Among the objectives are for both organisations to adopt an open, inclusive and collaborative approach to:

  • promote sports’ values and its social, educational, cultural and economic roles.
  • enhance integrity, transparency, accountability and sustainability in sports through the implementation of the highest standards on good governance, financial integrity, sports betting integrity, and youth development and protection.
  • promote gender equity, diversity, social inclusion, and accessibility in sports.
  • promote sound and sustainable development, as well as healthy lifestyles, youth empowerment and children’s safeguards in, and through sports.
  • support, contribute to, and participate in the development of SIGA’s thought leadership initiatives and reform agenda, including, but not limited to the implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS).

SIGA and the Benfica Foundation will also cooperate in organising thought leadership events.

In welcoming Benfica Foundation to the alliance’s group of committed supporters, de Medeiros said: “Today, sports acknowledges its responsibilities beyond the field of play.

“The Benfica Foundation and the memorandum of understanding we have just signed are prime examples of that.

“In a world confronted with so many challenges and inequalities, sport has to use its power and influence for the benefit of all citizens. This is why prioritising sport integrity and actively promoting human rights, sustainability, and other pressing causes, must become front and centre of any club’s social responsibility agenda.”

He added such values are now, more than ever, critical to any sports property, or brand.

“SIGA provides the independent kitemark of trust to ensure sports is governed and operated with the highest integrity and accountability.

“We encourage and invite all sports foundations, clubs, athletes, leagues and federations to walk the talk and join us on this mission. The need for cooperation is greater than ever,” he added.

Twentytwo13 is SIGA’s permanent media partner.

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