Lack of proper screening of Covid-19 vaccination certs at eateries, worrying

Dining in restaurants without vaccination certificates being inspected seems to have become the new norm.

This, despite Covid-19 still being a serious threat.

Checks by Twentytwo13 at more than 30 eateries in the Klang Valley over the last two weeks showed that eight out of 10 restaurant operators did not check to see if their patrons were vaccinated.

The trend, according to former Malaysian Medical Association president Datuk Dr N.K.S. Tharmaseelan, was “worrying” as unvaccinated patrons posed a threat to those who have been vaccinated.

“Signboards are up, that only those vaccinated can enter. But no one is looking at the vaccination status, nor the phones of the patrons, when they enter the premises.”

He said while SOP fatigue had clearly set in, Malaysians must remain vigilant.

“People have said that they are fed-up with testing, with wearing their masks, and even getting their booster shots, claiming that this does not guarantee that they will not get infected.

“What they do not understand however, is that the virus is mutating. When one is vaccinated against tuberculosis, the bacteria associated with it, (Mycobacterium) does not mutate, unlike Covid-19.”

He said the invention of the “perfect vaccine” would take time.

“It took years to develop the ‘perfect vaccine’ for polio and tuberculosis. Decades of research had to be done,” said Dr Tharmaseelan.

“We have not found the perfect vaccine for Covid-19 yet … the alternative right now is to go for booster shots.”

He added Covid-19 would most likely continue to spread, and hinder normal activities for some time.

Dr Tharmaseelan also questioned SOPs practiced on flights.

“Yes, the economy must re-open, and people should be allowed to fly, but we must re-look certain SOPs.

“People are supposed to practice physical distancing at airports, but on the aircraft, the reality is different, with everyone sitting close to one another, in a confined space, for long periods. This is baffling.”

“We are letting our guard down, and in some cases, we are trying to fool the system,” he said, referring to the latest scandal involving the alleged sale of fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

“The least anyone can do right now, is to get themselves vaccinated, go for their booster jabs, and stick to the SOPs.”

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